I Won't Say Goodbye
Forever Changed
Home to You
My Favorite Christmas Songs
My Favorite Christmas Songs - Volume 2
Love Conquers All
Rosalie Morgan - Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Recording Artist and Producer

Rosalie Morgan, the owner and manager of REM Productions, majored in music at UWC Richland. She has had many years of professional piano and vocal training.Rosalie has made many solo performances. She has also written well over 100 songs (since 1976) of her own and continues to write songs today. Her first album "I Won't Say Goodbye" was released under her own label in 1996. This inspirational and easy-listening album has been well received in the Tri-State Area. Rosalie's second album, "Forever Changed," was released earlier in the summer of 2002. All of the songs for both albums were written, and produced by Rosalie. The third album "My Favorite Christmas Songs," is a collection of Christmas Songs that will soon become a family favorite, as will My Favorite Christmas Songs - Volume 2." Rosalie's latest album, "Songs of COMFORT and INSPIRATION" is now on available on CD!

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"I Won't Say Goodbye"
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"Forever Changed"
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"My Favorite Christmas Songs"
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"My Favorite Christmas Songs - Volume 2"
CD's @ $10 each

"Songs of Comfort and Inspiration"
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"Home to You"
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"Love Conquers All"
CD's @ $15 each

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