Rosalie Morgan - Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Recording Artist and Producer

We write and produce customized jingles. We know how to make our jingles catchy and tasteful. Our clients receive music that's pleasant, intelligent and fun; to maximize their advertising investment. Everybody will be singing and humming the names of your products.

A customized jingle puts your slogan to music and greatly improves the effectiveness of your radio and television advertising. A customized jingle is an advertising investment, which can be utilized over and over again and tailored to fit the changing needs of your business.

A musical message is often more memorable than a spoken one. After all, people sing along with the songs, not the announcer. Since your aim is to get the audience to remember your business name, it makes sense to let jingles convey that information in a catchy or attention-getting musical way.

Please take time to call if you have questions regarding jingles. We would be happy to offer you a free consultation and share with you the many examples contained in our portfolio.

"We're singing your song."

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