Rosalie Morgan - Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Recording Artist and Producer

Telephone music-on-hold allows companies to take full advantage of their phone systems by using their "HOLD" feature as a powerful marketing, public relations and customer education tool. Telephone music-on-hold combines customized music - or your existing jingle - and a voice message about your business. You can then educate and inform callers whenever they are placed ON-HOLD, by utilizing only state-of-the-art digital equipment connected to your existing telephone system. We also provide regular message updates to keep your message fresh and new.

Telephone music-on-hold will help you:
  • Increase sales as you introduce a new product or service.
  • Project a professional image.
  • Decrease hang-ups.
  • Emphasize special promotions.
  • Announce special events, business hours, and locations.

All of our productions are done in our own recording studio. Because of this, we can quickly change and update your production as needed. We provide the total package; music, professional voice talent, and script writing. we also provide free demos to make sure your production sounds the way you want.

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